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RR Foundation, one of the well reputed Muslim Charity Organizations in India has clear vision about what the charity should be. We do not believe in donating money for the cause continuously. Unless and until we cannot solve the problem forever and the receivers of the charity are able to stand on their feet, the charity is purposeless. We follow this policy which is upheld by the holy Quran and the guiding principle of charity in Islam.

In our efforts to find out the root causes of the poverty and the miseries faced by many people on our planet, we have zeroed on three points, I.e. food, shelter and existence. We have decided on our priorities and worked out our strategies to reach our goals.


Food is the most essential thing in one’s life and there are millions of people, especially children all over the world who are unfortunate to have enough food. We work on reaching nutritious food for all. We know that this is not a simple task and we have to face a lot of hurdles in our effort. However, with the vision and the selfless efforts of our Founder Chairman and other trustees, we could near the target.


Once the food problem is solved the next issue is to find out a shelter. According to a recent report almost 1/3rd of the total population of the world are without shelters or with shelters that cannot guarantee any safety to the inmates. We know our limitations to reach the goal. Hence we have designed a master plan where we can involve other like minded individuals and organizations to provide shelters to hapless millions. We have different plans such as providing land, constructing houses in the lands owned by the beneficiaries, helping eligible people to avail the benefits of many government policies aimed towards the poor homeless people etc.


Although food and shelter are the top ones in one’s priorities list nobody can lead a comfortable life without a regular income. Moreover, it may not be able to live on charity always. Here RR Foundation designed a different strategy to enable people to live a self reliant life.

RR Foundation is providing training for people in various trades and helps them to start their own business organizations. When the world advances towards a new era and the technology is fast developing, we are introducing these training programs to enable the participants to utilize the modern technology in many traditional professions such as stitching, tailoring, etc.

Apart from that we are providing training in candle manufacturing, phenyl manufacturing etc too. When these courses are exclusively for girls and women, we train boys and men in the usage of different machineries such as winding machines, welding, tool making etc. We are incorporating the use of sophisticated technology in our training programs so that the recipients can compete with those who had the fortune to learn the same from any reputed organizations.

However, we are not limiting efforts to training. We are providing them all helps in finding a suitable job or in starting their own industries in the area where they acquired expertise through our training. Many big industrial houses help us in this area by providing sub contract to such small scale industries and also by absorbing many of our students in their payrolls.

Allah the almighty has blessed many of us with all happiness such as a good family, enough wealth and good education. We firmly believe that when he blessed us with so many positive things, his indention was that we will help those who were less fortunate to receive the blessings of Allah due to various reasons. Hence we take our work as a prayer to Allah the almighty. We invite all of you to join in this prayer and to receive the blessings of Allah.