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About the RR Foundation

Charity begins at home, but should not end there. That was the slogan that guided Mohammad Shamsuddin, Chairman and Managing Trustee of RR Foundation to begin with. Born as one of the seven children of Mohammad Abdul Rahim, one of the most respected photo journalists in India, Mohammed Shamsuddin was inspired by his father who was always ahead in helping the needy. Be it a financial problem or any other problems, his father was always sided with the poor and hapless irrespective of cast, religion and their political views. Being one of the leading Photo journalists of his time, he had a lot of opportunities to work with many influential political leaders of Andhra Pradesh as well as with many national leaders. He was very close to almost all who’s who of Hyderabad. He never used his clout as a senior journalist or his influence for his personal gains. He taught all his children to lead an unselfish life and to help the poor and hapless.

His eldest son Mohammad Abdul Rahman followed his father’s footsteps and left a mark in Photo Journalism of his own. He too was a generic person like his father and did a lot of works to help the poor and the needy without expecting anything in return.

After leaving their fingerprints both in their personal and professional lives, these two great souls left the eternal world. The grieving family members could not adjust with their absence. Abdul Rahim’s another son Mohammad Shamsuddin, his wife Durdana Arshi, who was inspired by her father-in –law and was keeping an ambition to serve the society had a brief discussion with other sons of Rahim. They decided that the names of these two persons should live forever and that was the intention behind the starting of Rahim Rahman Foundation or RR Foundation which is a well known Muslim Charity Organization in India. The trustees who are coming from a family who were actively participating in charity and social works decided to bring it out of their home and to do it more effectively with the participation of others.

Although the foundation is in the beginning stage it could provide many services to many poor families. Although it is a Muslim Charity Organization basically, the benefits of it go beyond the walls of religions and casts. It is aimed at an overall socio economic development of the society by providing education to the poor and under-privileged children.

Foundation is taking maximum efforts to identify brilliant children from the families belongs to this class and providing them higher education too. The trustees firmly believe that only educated youth can lead the society to prosper. Hence they are giving more importance to education. The foundation is doing a lot of efforts to ensure good medical care to those who are suffering from severe diseases and are not in a position to afford costly treatments.