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Founder´s Message

When Allah, the almighty has given us happiness and prosperity, he was trying to say us that we should share the same with others who are not as fortunate as we are. Anybody, who believes in Allah, cannot avoid seeing the miseries and agonies of the hapless people around you. It is our duty to wipe out their tears and help us to lead a happy and decent life. That is why great importance has been given to charity in Islam.

However, as individuals we may not be able to help many people, but as a team we can. That is the guiding principle of RR Foundation. The two great souls, who spent their whole life for the cause of the poor Mohamed Abdul Rahim and Mohamed Abdul Rahman are no more with us. Still the glowing memories of them guide us in our effort to help the helpless. We at RR Foundation do not believe in lending money to the poor always. We strongly believe that Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to live without it. And that is the view about charity in Islam too. Keeping this fact in our mind, we are designing unique projects to help the poor and hapless people to stand on their own feet in due course of time. The details about our projects are mentioned in this website and a short journey through those pages will give you a clear idea about our work.

We know that a team of more people can serve the society better than a group of few. Hence we are involving everybody who are interested and firmly believe that the duty of helping poor and disable people has been entrusted up on them by Allah the almighty, in our projects. We invite one and all to participate in the efforts of this Muslim Charity Organization in India to uplift the society and hope that all of you will contribute generously towards this noble cause.

“Inshallaha we strongly believe in helping the people to lead a better life today & tomorrow.”